My Pet Peeves and how to avoid them!

Pet Peeves!!! Lord! does those rattle me! Usually on a good day (which are few) I have quite an amiable nature 😀 I am not the flower loving, bird watching , nature loving sought but i manage to keep people smiling. But , God Forbid, if you end up being one of those poor souls who decide to wake me up the wrong way… You will Die with just my oh-so-powerful sleepy glare! 😐

I am a libran which i am quite proud of but along with being a libran comes one huge disadvantage. We , ohhhhkkk fine… I am of either one or the other extreme. For example: I either sleep like a log or i sleep like a ninja warrior vary of every sound around me. (I am not sure how that is being a libran, but couldnt help, but show off my zodiac sign :P).  So, I cant really describe myself as a light sleeper cause there are days where, well… earthquakes couldnt shake me awake. 😛

Coming back to my rant …. you dont even have to be human to wake me up.. even the birds chirping at 4:30 in the morning can rile me up. And I would end up looking like this .

Is there a cure for this? Hell Yeah!!! But before I start shooting my rules and regulations on how to wake me up, I would like to say that these are a collection from my experience from my hostels and home. So , back to the points….never do the following things when you see me sleeping :

1) When you find my bedroom door locked…..Do not bang the door like you are HULK … I love “Hulk! SMASH!” but only in the movies…. Do not try this in real life around me.

2) If you are a bird who can read … don’t come my window and start screeching like you are about to go to war! I respect the fact that you an early bird and all … but please, STAY AWAY FROM MY WINDOW at 4:30 in the morning.

3) Do not come into my room and yell my name out loud like i just killed your dog only to say … wow! its cold !

4) Never let your kids scream around me or invite kids who decide to sing in a rather loud voice so that the people in the arctic can hear.

5) Many of you would be shocked but pls do not play the suprabatham at full volume thinking that it gives you inner peace. I love God! heck, he is one of my most favorite people in the world… when i get what i want ;). But bhajans and spiritual rituals are not my thing. You want to feel spiritual.. please  go ahead and do that in your own space which is not near my bed!

6) Mobile phones are nice…. i love them. I talk on them for hours on end… but people do remember one tiny thing. Just cause people cant hear the caller doesn’t mean they cant hear you talking on the phone! So try and keep it down! I know you are worried about your aunt, and your little neighbor got sick and yes Shiela ki Jawani is a catchy song but do you have to discuss this near my bed?

7) And Finally! I know there is war going on along with presidential elections and many other things that seem to fill up newspapers but what I do not get is that if you are so interested in the world why don’t you see the person sleeping a foot away from you?

8) This one is done by 2 people who are very close to me and it still annoys me… So there i am sleeping away and they come in.. see me sleeping… ask me if i am sleeping… and CARRY ON A CONVERSATION with a sleeping me!!! Yes, and its my love for them that I answer in my sleep induced state. Well, what can i say. There are always exceptions!

I’m sure that there are lot more ways of annoying me but thanks to the stars I have not encountered them.  hope the stars continue to favor me 😛

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